What kind of programs air on Thai Food Network TV (TFNtv)?
A.  Our programs are designed to entertain and educate viewers about everything Thai - from exotic Thai food, unique culture and fabulous tourist destinations.So we'll give you insights on Thai dishes, the best restaurants in your area to find great Thai food

What makes TFNtv special?
A.  We've partnered with Thai restaurants to bring you the best original TV programs and free Wi-Fi. When you visit one of our member restaurants you'll not only see our programming but our technology allows us to air commercials custom-designed for each and every Thai restaurant. So you'll have have a first-hand look at your favorite restaurant's specials, upcoming events and much more!

How can I watch Thai Food Network TV?
A.  Currently, there are 2 ways to watch TFNtv: All of our programs are available on our website and also air via a closed-circuit cable network in Thai restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. To see if your favorite restaurant carries our programming, you can search our online directory here

What can I do if my favorite restaurant doesn't carry Thai Food Network TV?
A.   If they don't carry TFNtv you can send us a note via our contact form and we'll contact them and do our best to get them to subscribe. You can also encourage them yourself to join and direct them to our website or ask them to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-877-777-9489.

Why are your programs so short?
A.  Our programs are designed to be viewed in Thai Restaurants so we didn't want to make them too long, so that you can focus on enjoying your delicious meal.

Why is a TV network offering Wi-Fi service?
A.  We consider Thai restaurants are full partners in our efforts to promote Thailand's cuisine and culture. To that end, we want to provide them with products and services that will enhance their diners experience. So in addition to our TV programs we also offer a turnkey solutions that allows restaurant owners to provide free wi-fi access to their customers.