We know that the primary point for most non-Thais to learn about our cuisine and culture is through Thai restaurants, that’s why the Thai Food Network TV wants to partner with you to showcase Amazing Thailand! Not only do we offer the best in full HD English-language original content, but the Thai Food Network TV is personalized for your restaurant and will air custom-designed commercials created exclusively for your customers. With our fast and easy online tools, you can create content that showcases everything from your restaurant and specialty menu items to upcoming events and specials.

Also, we consider you one of our partners, so every segment of our original programming will start or end with a message acknowledging your restaurant as a sponsor! {Display example}

How it Works – All of our programming runs in 15-minute cycles, broken down as:

  • 10 minutes: Thai Food Network TV’s Original Programming
  • 3 minutes: Commercials from Advertisers - NEVER another Thai restaurant
  • 2 minutes: Four (4) 30-second, custom-designed commercials created just for your restaurant
    {Display samples of custom-designed commercials}

Creating your own commercial is as easy as 1-2-3! {Display videocast - how to create a commercial}

Included FREE with all regular Annual Memberships:

  • 1 Receiver Box and satellite dish (dish not needed if you have a broadband internet connection already)
  • Free Installation and Setup
  • Acknowledgement at the beginning or end of every Thai Food Network TV segment that your restaurant is a sponsor
  • 4 custom-designed commercials that air 4 times per hour - that’s 16 commercials per hour!
  • Flexible scheduling of custom-designed commercials
  • Listing in the Thai Food Network TV’s searchable online directory
  • Eligible to be featured on one of our TV shows
  • Submit Recipes to
  • Transferrable Membership

Add-On Products and Services include:

  • Wi-Fi Package – provide internet to your customers
  • Additional cable boxes
  • Additional Basic custom-designed commercials
  • Additional Premium custom-designed commercials
  • Professional production services for live-action commercials

Contact Us for pricing and additional information or visit our Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurant Owners.