What is Thai Food Network TV (TFNtv)?

TFNtv is an all inclusive programming network promoting Thai cuisine and culture. TFNtv offers high-definition programs and customizable commercials tailored to each individual Thai restaurant (outside of Thailand). There are many benefits to sponsors and restaurant owners including quality and content control, program management, state-of-the-art receiver box technology, and unique programs targeting an array of audiences. TFNtv is supported by the Thai government, Corporate sponsors and Thai restaurants.

There has never been a better time for Mr. Manit Chaisukumara to introduce a highly anticipated project, Thai Food Network TV, which will revolutionize the way people perceive world-famous Thai cuisine. Mr. Chaisukumara, a highly respected Thai Airways executive with over 35 years experience, has lived in and visited all the major cities within 5 continents throughout his career. His vast experiences have inspired him to create a project that would help restaurant owners increase their businesses whilst also raising awareness about Thailand. With the help of technology experts in Thailand, a major milestone in culinary exposure has been created through a high-definition TV receiver box. The vision of creating new platforms to highlight Thai cuisine combined with recent technology, led to the launch of TFNtv in early 2011. Since then, the project has generated a great deal of interest amongst investors.

Message from the CEO

Technology with high-definition TV (HDTV) is constantly and rapidly changing. We recognize that TV today has more to offer advertisers than ever before and this growing medium remains an important piece in our everyday lives. At Thai Food Network TV (TFNtv), we are committed to helping restaurants meet their marketing objectives by:

  • Understanding how audiences engage with TV advertising;
  • Explaining innovative and affordable solutions;
  • Providing rigorous proof of effectiveness that advertisers need;
  • Establishing a foundation for growth with our customers.

Our mission is to help advertisers gain more and expand their businesses through the amazing medium of Television. Our cutting-edge technology enables advertisers the opportunity to create relevant and enticing commercials, which are customizable to their own target markets. Our team of highly trained professional technicians provides exceptional service in customization and innovation for individual advertisers.

Our passion is committed to exceptional service that goes beyond standard TV advertisements. We focus on driving results and giving our customers the opportunity to enhance their brand image while reaching their marketing objectives.

We are proud of our ability and innovative ideas and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you soon.



Manit Chaisukumara