Roxanne Mari

Roxanne Mari, also known as, “Roxie” has hosted various TV shows including, Martial Arts TV and Sci Fi Tonight. Her most recent TV appearance is a host on Playhouse Disney 123. She studied Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising before realizing acting was her true passion.


Damien Jade Warren.

I'm a dedicated non- union actor/ martial arts practitioner (Wing Chun, Taiji-Qi-Gong)/ Stage Combatant/ Fight Director - Stunt Coordinater (in training).

"If you're gonna get beat, get beat by life, not yourself."


Derek Wade

I was born in Texas and moved to California, where I live now, when I was 23. I’ve had various jobs from construction worker to birthday magician. I’ve also held every position in various restaurants at some point, and know what it takes to make a restaurant great. I’ve studied acting my whole life and went to college for iton a scholarship.


Jami Harris

Jami Harris has had roles in over 25 films as well as appearances in television and commercial work. She has received two Best Actress in a Feature Nominations for her work in feature films The Death of Kevin Frye and Pawn’s Move and won the Rising Star Award at the 2010 Script to Screen Film Festival.

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