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The Thai Food Network TV launched in early 2011 and is the first channel fully dedicated to providing original, high definition, English-language programs aimed at showcasing Thailand’s Amazing Cuisine and Culture. As the premiere destination for passionate Thai Food lovers and aficionados of everything Thai, we will explore exotic Thai cooking, popular and lesser known travel destinations, and Thailand’s rich diversity and traditions.

Our food programs will offer insights on classic favorites and investigate what makes some dishes so spicy, all the while introducing you to new and different ways to enjoy Thai food – through pop culture, adventure and travel. And we’ll profile the best Thai restaurants in the world’s most exciting cities as well as introduce you to those secret gems where you’re sure to find local Thais enjoying a meal. ...

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Get healthy and fresh with this dish – Fruit Salad
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On Location with Roxie in Journey Thailand
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Unique artwork - Siam Dish in Burlington, Ontario
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